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Our company Granqvist Sportartiklar AB was founded 1984 in Karlstad, Sweden. The idea was to create the best ski glove in the world, under the brand name Lillsport®. In addition to ski gloves we are today developing and producing Fire fighting and Military/police gloves and employ 300 people annually in Sweden, Poland and Ethiopia. We always aim to be the close choice for the European market and Scandinavia. European production offers big advantages for the customer to visit and create a close contact to the people that is actually making their products. Our polish glove factory, Granqvists Manufacturing is a dynamic facility to meet every customer’s specific needs. Not only for the products but also in terms of packing, quality control, documentation and monitoring. As a part of Granqvists sustainability work, a glove manufacturing unit has been built in Ethiopia. The unit has been established through a cooperation between Granqvists, the local tannery and Development Finance Institution of the Swedish state, Swedfund. There is now about 80 operators but there is a vision to grow considerably with a new factory, with the capacity of 200 operators, now under construction.

Contract History

Full list of deliveries to official authorities through tenders since 1984