Nordic Elk leather: Our warmest and smoothest leather. Gives you a splendid comfort. The characteristics of Nordic elk leather is the fibre structure with a  lot of air between the fibers. 

Nubuck: Grainbrushed cowleather. High abrasion resistance. Waterproof. With high grip power. High resistance for fire and heat. Mainly used for gloves for field such as outdoor, hunting and military.

Origin: Middle Europe.

Cow leather: Extremely resistant for fire and heat. High isolation and water resistance. The leather is tanned from the inside in a unique process. Mainly used for Fire- and protection gloves.

Origin: Italy


Nomex®: Fireproof; Possible to knit in different styles.

Kevlar®: Fireproof; Possible to knit in different styles. Very high cut resistance.

Trevira CS®: Highly flame retardant and abrasion resistance.

ProtexM®: Highly flame retardant and kind to the skin.