Desert Combat Glove – M1009

Desert Combat Glove are specifically designed for dry and warm climate. Composition of long hair sheep skin with meta-aramids fibres in Nomex® gives excellent dexterity and unique grip. Gloves provide protection against blade cut, puncture, abrasion and fire. Many years of experience and advanced technology contributes to -second skin- gloves which weight only 60 grams.

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Product Summary: Desert Combat Glove – M1009

TypeFirefighting glove
CategoryCat. II
Article codeM1009
Available sizes7-13
ColorTan, Black

Materials: Desert Combat Glove – M1009

Back of the handNomex® - Protection against heat and mechanical risks
PalmEthiopian Hairsheep leather - Anti-slip, mechanical and thermal risk protection

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Base ArticleArticle NameSizeColorArticle Nr.Nato Stock Nr. (NSN)
M1009Desert Combat Glove06TanM100911068440-25-161-2062
M1009Desert Combat Glove07TanM100911078440-25-149-8174
M1009Desert Combat Glove08TanM100911088440-25-149-8175
M1009Desert Combat Glove09TanM100911098440-25-149-8176
M1009Desert Combat Glove10TanM100911108440-25-149-8177
M1009Desert Combat Glove11TanM100911118440-25-149-8178
Base ArticleArticle NameSizeColorArticle Nr.Nato Stock Nr. (NSN)
M1009Desert Combat Glove06BlackM100900068440-25-161-6243
M1009Desert Combat Glove07BlackM100900078440-25-152-6378
M1009Desert Combat Glove08BlackM100900088440-25-152-6379
M1009Desert Combat Glove09BlackM100900098440-25-152-6425
M1009Desert Combat Glove10BlackM100900108440-25-152-6380
M1009Desert Combat Glove11BlackM100900118440-25-152-6381